CCCDA Bonds: Financing Dispatch Center Construction for City of Kent and Surrounding Cities


What is a PDA 2000?

Developed and distributed by the City of Kent, the Valley Communications Center Development Authority (CCCDA) issues bonds to finance construction and equipment purchases for a new dispatch center. The agency’s members are the cities of Federal Way, Kent, Renton and Tukwila.

Some PDAs have handwriting recognition, which allows users to write letters or words on the screen using a stylus and have the device convert them to text. Stroke recognition software is another common feature.


The first PDAs were small devices that allowed users to carry an electronic calendar, a list of telephone numbers and addresses, notepad software and a way to synchronize this data with their personal computers. Many of these early devices used an input system called Graffiti, which allowed the user to write with a stylus in a special input area and the device would recognize the symbols as characters.

Newer models of PDAs feature color displays, touch screens, keyboards, increased memory and PC connectivity. They may also have e-mail and word processing programs. Many can display music files and access the Internet via a wireless connection.

The ED nurses were given 4 formal runs of training on the PDA support system. The Cronbach’s a for perceived ease of use of the PDA system was 0.91, and that for usefulness was 0.93. These were comparable to those of the terminal system. The information structure of the PDA was presented in a format similar to snow crystal, and the user can easily switch to any screen in two clicks.


PDAs come with software to allow them to synchronize with the user’s computer. These programs may be part of the PDA operating system or provided or sold separately by a third party. Some programs allow the PDA to synchronize with multiple personal information managers, such as Microsoft Outlook and ACT!.

The first PDA, the Palm Pilot, was developed in 1996 by Palm, Inc. It included a calendar, address book and memo pad, as well as e-mail and expense-tracking software that could synchronize with the owner’s PC. It also offered handwriting recognition, in which the user writes on the screen with a stylus and the device converts the strokes into text.

Some companies and government agencies use rugged PDAs, called enterprise digital assistants or EDAs, to handle field data applications. These devices are built to withstand inclement weather and jolts, and they have features such as barcode scanners and radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers. Some even have a speakerphone for cellular telephony.

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